Applications of Reality Capture - UAVs, LIDAR, and Beyond

James Quirin, LSIT, Reality Capture Manager, Wetland Studies and Solutions, Inc.

This session explores emerging reality capture technologies (LIDAR scanners, UAV’s, and 360° camera systems) and their applications in environmental and construction monitoring. A brief discussion will be held on each of these specific technologies and what function they serve. Once attendees are introduced to reality capture and understand its capability, a thorough discussion on the challenges associated with processing, consuming, and sharing the data/information can be explored. WSSI will demonstrate these obstacles can be overcome through the development of new and evolving technologies.

The presentation continues by showcasing several of WSSI’s Virtual Sites, which are capable of being accessed from any smart device – PC, tablet, or phone. Examples include websites developed for visual documentation of construction progress, augmented reality, and design integration. These sites can be used to provide critical information, such as stabilization and vegetation assessments, construction monitoring, inventory tracking, and more.

Finally, the presentation will conclude with an examination of how reality capture technologies will continue to evolve and their potential for future applications. The speaker will provide a five-minute period to answer questions immediately following the presentation.

Author Bio

James Quirin, LSIT
Reality Capture Manager/Senior Project Surveyor

James Quirin joined Wetland Studies and Solutions, Inc. in the spring of 2019 after previously working as a reality capture manager and consultant in the surveying field. Mr. Quirin is leading and developing the reality capture department at WSSI. In addition, he manages survey projects and provides training within the office and for clients nationwide under CivilTraining, LLC, a division of WSSI. Mr. Quirin has an extensive background in the development, implementation, and training of reality capture solutions.