Communication is Key

Andrew Gould, PE, Principal, Timmons Group

Communication is likely the make it or break it factor in determining the success of your project.  In our very technical engineering and science professions, the devil is clearly in the details.  How well we communicate these details to our client, regulators, contractors, and design partners will determine our project’s success.  No matter how exceptional we are at designing or building, if our team members do not communicate clearly, it could leave our client with a long-lasting sour experience.  Join us as we breakdown the ins and outs of superior Project Management Communication, Communication Basics, Project Specific Communication & Documentation, Delivering Bad New and Addressing Sensitive Topics, and Managing Internal Communication.

Author Bio

Drew is a Principal at Timmons Group. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from Notre Dame and a Master of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from Virginia Tech.

Drew is passionate about community revitalization and champions the firm’s efforts on this front. He has been involved in urban and brownfield redevelopment projects involving complex sites, infrastructure and environmental issues. Drew was also a past leader of our Stormwater Infrastructure Engineering team.