Creating a Stormwater Utility Web App

Ryan Corcoran, Water Resources GIS Analyst, GKY & Associates, Inc.

Satoshi Eto, Program Manager, City of Fairfax

The City of Fairfax began a public education campaign in Fall 2021 related to its proposed Stormwater Utility (SWU), a fee-for-service mechanism that would create a dedicated funding source for the City’s stormwater management capital needs. Under the proposed SWU, private property owners would be assigned one Billing Unit (BU) per 500 square feet of impervious surface area on a parcel. Leadership in the City’s Public Works Department expressed an interest in creating a web application that would allow residents to see how the SWU would affect their property. The web app developed for the City by the presenter allows residents to search by address to see a total calculated impervious surface area and an associated BU total. The app uses logical functions within custom Arcade expressions to provide additional information where applicable, such as disclaimers related to community common areas, multiple addresses existing on the same parcel, and other unique circumstances.

Author Bio

Ryan is a Water Resources GIS Analyst with GKY & Associates in Chantilly, VA, where he manages geospatial data, creates mapping products, and supports field data collection both internally and for local and state government clients. He holds undergraduate and graduate level degrees in geography and is interested in GIS applications, remote sensing, and geospatial statistics.

Satoshi Eto is the Department of Public Works Program Manager for the City of Fairfax, Virginia. Mr. Eto has provided seventeen years of service to the city within the Public Works Department. Mr. Eto administrates the stormwater and wastewater programs for the City of Fairfax. Under stormwater, Mr. Eto coordinates compliance with the city’s MS4 permit, develops and implements TMDL Action Plans, develops and delivers drainage improvements, and oversees stormwater related aspects of public and private site development activities from planning through post-construction phases. Mr. Eto also assists in the development of capital planning for infrastructure maintenance and upgrade for both storm and wastewater systems.