Dam Inspections – More than Filling Out a Form Once a Year

Mike Wilson, PE, Director of Municipal/Government Engineering, Hurt and Proffitt, Inc.

DCR Dam Safety requires annual inspections of all regulated dams.  Whether the inspection is by the owner or the engineer, this is more than filling out a form.  The observations pertaining to maintenance, access, seepage, settlement, etc. can be indicators of larger changes that are occurring at the dam, riser, or outfall.  Dam inspections are typically done on nice days but what happens during/after rain events and to the dam during the winter freeze/thaw cycle?  Everyone involved with dam operation and maintenance has a responsibility throughout the year to See Something Say Something, ensuring the safety of everyone downstream.

Author Bio

Mike Wilson is originally from Michigan where he obtained a BS in Environmental Engineering from Michigan Technological University. He has 28 years of civil engineering experience including site design, water systems, sanitary sewer systems, and dam evaluation, modeling, and design. He is member of ASDSO, ASCE, and AWWA. Mike has been with Hurt and Proffitt in Lynchburg for 13 years and is the Director of Municipal/Government Engineering. His engineering responsibilities include project management, design, and construction administration.
Work is divided between Hurt and Proffitt's Richmond and Lynchburg offices. In his spare time, Mike enjoys being outdoors hunting and fishing. With 2020 behind us and one son graduating college, Mike is excited about 2021 and looking forward to spring as his twins will finish college and then celebrating 25 years of marriage in the fall.