Retrofitting Abandoned Lots for A “Paws-itive” Use

Daniel Frisbee, Water Resources Engineer, WSP

Amity Dewey, PE, Senior Lead Consultant, WSP

There are many reasons why cities should consider retrofitting abandoned lots into small parks. Not only have they been shown to enhance the happiness and sense of community for residents, but these green spaces can also help improve the hydrological condition of urban areas by reducing impervious cover.

WSP was tasked with the design of a dog park in downtown Portsmouth, Virginia.  This presentation will look at the multiple benefits of small pocket parks in downtown areas, design challenges involved with retrofitting abandoned lots, and strategies for presenting design options to generate community support.

Author Bio

Daniel Frisbee is a stormwater engineer who has been working in the Hampton Roads area for over 2 years. He graduated from Virginia Tech with a Biological Systems Engineering degree in 2019. Daniel enjoys solving complex engineering problems and hopes to one day discover if aliens are real.

Amity Dewey leads the stormwater group in WSP's Virginia Beach office. She is passionate about stormwater management and has been working on reducing flood depths in the Hampton Roads area for over 10 years.