Streamlining Stormwater Structure Condition Assessments with Technology

Chris Stone, Stormwater Chief, Loudoun County

Chris Gerecke, Director of Enterprise Solutions, Timmons Group

Loudoun County has developed a web-based geospatial solution called the Condition Assessment Tool (CAT) to enable standardized and timely collection of information for stormwater structures, in a way that is streamlined, easy to use and that supports compliance and reporting.  The CAT is designed to help the County’s stormwater engineers prioritize, distribute, assign, review and approve stormwater structure condition assessment that are inspected by contractors.  The solution is map-based and includes a progressive web application (PWA) that enables field staff to locate structures and record the assessments in the field along with associated photos.  The CAT tool also extends to the County’s Public Works supervisors and crews to support the maintenance request workflows and contains several dashboards to assist with transparency and status reporting.  The CAT solution eliminates tedious and expensive legacy inspection and maintenance workflows while enabling more real-time analysis and reporting of inspection data.

This presentation will include additional background on the project and a demonstration of the CAT solution from several different perspectives including the stormwater engineer, assessment contractor, public works supervisor, public works crew, and department leadership personas.

Author Bio

Chris Stone is the Stormwater Chief for Loudoun County.

Chris Gerecke is the Director of Enterprise Solutions for Timmons Group. Chris directs the enterprise solutions group at Timmons Group which prides itself on developing intuitive technology and geospatial solutions to generate significant Return on Investment (ROI) for their clients.