Utilizing GIS for Master Planning of Lakes and Stormwater Maintenance

Daniel Papa, EIT, CFM, Water Resource Engineer, A. Morton Thomas

For this 10-year master plan, Daniel and the AMT team provided a GIS database approach to determine optimal stormwater maintenance facility locations and eroded stream valleys in need of restoration. These databases included (1) 400 culverts with descriptions; (2) a breakdown of watershed features over 40 different subbasins; (3) 100 individual homeowner concerns, broken down into five more specific subcategories; (4) lake maintenance features, such as dredging zones, water sampling points, and weather monitors. The databases were then rated against each other with user-selected variable weights attached, in order to rank the most efficient projects for the community in their 10-year plan.

Author Bio

Daniel has been a member of AMT's water resources team for close to four years now and has taken on supporting staff on dam engineering studies, stormwater design assignments, and environmental permitting for municipal stormwater clients. He has a good understanding of hydrologic and hydraulic modeling software including HEC-HMS, HEC-RAS, HydroCAD, and PC-SWMM. In his free time, Daniel enjoys making sure he has the best lawn in the neighborhood.