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Marsh Terrace Island Design and Permitting in Virginia Beach’s Back Bay

Natural and nature-based features are a pillar of the City of Virginia Beach’s recently completed “Sea Level Wise” Adaptation Strategy which is now adopted into the City’s Comprehensive Plan. This project involves the design and permitting of a network of marsh terraces within Bonney Cove, located in Back Bay in southern Virginia Beach. This is […]


Flood Mitigation in Roanoke’s Central Business District

The City of Roanoke’s Central Business District (CBD) is an economic hub, and its long-term sustainability and resiliency is vital to the Commonwealth, however, the CBD is subject to flash flooding during intense rainfall since it sits atop the confluence of two major streams – Trout Run and Lick Run.  These streams are conveyed under […]


Floodplain Design, Construction, and Impacts on Flood Insurance

This course provides insight into the importance of proper foundation flood vents and dry floodproofing techniques for buildings located in a flood zone. It will identify FEMA Technical Bulletins 1, 2, and 3, the National Flood Insurance Program, ASCE 24, ICC, and Building Code regulations and standards as they relate to sustaining foundations and overall […]


Compound Urban Flooding: The Emerging Hazard for Large Metropolitan Areas Located Along Tidal Rivers

Compound floods from the co-occurrence of multiple flood drivers like riverine flow, storm surges, sea-level rise, and extreme rainfall have impacted several cities across the United States (US) in recent years. Metropolitan areas located in the coastal regions of the US have become increasingly vulnerable to such flooding conditions due to their exposure to multiple […]


Master Planning for Flooding Improvement Opportunities

Identifying cost-effective opportunities to improve flooding conditions in urban settings is challenging.  One residential neighborhood located along Congers Creek within Rockingham County has struggled with frequent flooding events involving structural and roadway flooding.  Congers Creek is largely an open channel conveyance system with culvert crossings, but no FEMA floodplain has been mapped for the stream.  […]


eLOMA – A Collaborative Tool for Licensed Professionals, Communities, and FEMA

The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) eLOMA (Electronic Letter of Map Amendment) tool to provides licensed land surveyors and professional engineers with an internet-based system to submit a variety of LOMA requests as a faster alternative to using the standard application process.  The eLOMA tool is available to any licensed professional who registers through FEMA’s […]


Balancing Stream Restoration with Floodplain Ordinances

As streams incise and erode, their vital interaction with the abandoned floodplain, or terrace, continues to decrease. This not only flushes excess sediment and pollutants downstream but separates the floodplain ecosystem from its source of life: the stream. Reconnecting the stream to a floodplain is critical for a successful restoration and has been incentivized through […]


Environmental Services Strategic Plan Development and Implementation

The role of the eight coastal planning district and regional commissions (PDCs/RCs) in regional environmental services has been growing with increased support from federal programs to provide technical assistance to member localities. The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, administering federal funds for coastal zone management and water quality improvement programs, asks PDCs to prepare scopes […]