Our committee is committed to identifying and providing charitable donations to organizations who share with our VLWA mission. We’ve contributed financially to several groups throughout the state who share a vision that is aligned with our association.

  • Youth Conservation Camp  – VLWA helped support educating students during a weeklong camp held at Virginia Tech that is organized by the Virginia Association of Soil & Water Conservation Districts.
  • Virginia Water Monitoring Council  – VLWA’s contribution was made to help VWMC with a future one day workshop.
  • Virginia Household Water Quality Program  – VLWA’s contribution provided continued support and expansion of the youth well water testing program.
  • James River Association  – The James River is Virginia’s largest river and its largest tributary to the Chesapeake Bay. With VLWA’s contribution, the JRA can continue to fund their water quality monitoring program.
  • Chesapeake Bay Foundation  – for more than 50 years, CBF has focused on saving the Bay. VLWA’s support was made for Virginia based environmental education programs.
  • Friends of Accotink – Accotink Creek traverses through Fairfax County, draining to the Potomac River and ultimately affecting the waters of the Chesapeake Bay. The funding provided by VLWA will support “Follow the Water” programs with 4 schools in the Accotink Watershed.
  • Montgomery County Environmental  – A Ward’s Flood Model acquired through a VLWA grant is shown in use by Montgomery County, Virginia. The County teamed with their school system, volunteers, and nine other organizations to host an annual Stormwater Day. All 6th grade students in the system attend these stormwater days to learn about the value of healthy watersheds.

Committee Members

  • Alan Davis (Chair)
  • Rebecca Stewart
  • Michael Barbachem
  • Adrienne Shaner
  • Curtis Hickman
  • James Kelly

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