The Watershed Committee was established to promote watershed sustainability throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia through research, public education, and outreach activities.

Since passing of the Clean Water Act in 1972, tremendous work has been done and additional efforts are on-going nationwide by public, private and nonprofit agencies or groups to protect and improve water quality through source protection of contributing watersheds. Watersheds within the Commonwealth of Virginia are among the most beautiful and resourceful watersheds. It is our responsibility to protect these watersheds from any natural or manmade degradation and maintain their sustainability. The VLWA Board of Directors formed the Watershed Committee in fall of 2009 to promote sustainability of the watersheds in the Commonwealth of Virginia through research, public education, and outreach activities.

Among various activities, the Committee is engaged in writing the “Our Watersheds” column in the VLWA bimonthly E-News on various topics concerning the watersheds of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Committee promotes outstanding presentations and discussions on timely and urgent watershed issues throughout the Commonwealth at the VLWA Annual Virginia Water Conference. Each year the Committee presents the VLWA Dave Pearson Watershed Excellence Award to honor the presentation which best exemplifies the mission of the VLWA. The Committee closely reviews all the presentation abstracts and selects the winner and other Honorable Mentions which are presented and honored at the Conference each year.

Committee Members

  • Deva Borah (Chair)
  • Clifton Bell
  • Shelly Frie
  • Curtis Hickman
  • Seshadri Iyer
  • Liz Scheessele
  • Stu Stein

Frequently Asked Questions

Committee members have been writing it, however any VLWA member can write one. Interested members may send articles to Deva Borah at VLWA Contact.

There is no nomination for this award. The Committee critically reviews all the abstracts submitted to the Annual Virginia Water Conference and selects the best submission on a project or study addressing or solving a timely and urgent watershed issue or problem anywhere in the Commonwealth of Virginia. In addition to the winner, the committee honors other outstanding presentations as “Honorable Mentions.”

Yes, any VLWA member can be a member of the Watershed Committee. Interested members may send their names, affiliations, contact information, and a brief statement on their backgrounds and intended involvements with the committee in terms of their expectations and contributions to Deva Borah at VLWA Contact.

No, one does not have to be a member of the committee or VLWA to bring urgent watershed issues or problems to the committee. Any citizen of the Commonwealth can bring to the committee any urgent watershed issue or problem. Please contact Deva Borah at VLWA – 757-705-6341


Award Recipients

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