Note: The rain barrel program is currently not accepting applications but will resume in the future.  We encourage you to check back to this web page.

The VLWA rain barrel program was developed in 2016 and first rolled out in 2017 to reach out to people in Virginia to support simple at home techniques in improving their watershed.

To avoid VLWA from being in the middle of purchasing and distributing the rain barrels, the program is a reimbursement for homeowners to purchase and install on their own barrel prior to receiving the reimbursement. In this way people can select the style and size they want and handle all the subtleties of installation on their property. The program allows up to two rain barrels per property, at cost or a maximum of $100 per barrel. Since the program’s inception 48 barrels have been installed and reimbursed for our fellow Virginia homes. We have also given away a barrel at the Water Conference since 2018.

Committee Members

  • Kathy Hoverman
  • Virgina Opp

Rain Barrel Program

Step 1.
Apply for Rain Barrel

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Step 2.
Purchase and install rain barrels after receiving confirmation of approved application.

You will receive notification of your application within 2 weeks. A sticker with the VLWA logo will be provided and should be attached to your rain barrel. Purchase or build your own rain barrel. Barrels should be able to be opened for annual cleaning and prevent mosquitos from nesting within the collected water. Installation guidelines can be found through links on the vlwa.org website.

Step 3.
Submit receipts for reimbursement

Submit receipts for reimbursement
Send pictures via email of the installed rain barrels (including our sticker!) and a copy of the receipt.

Rain Barrel Program

We are currently not accepting applications. 

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