March 8-10, 2021 (mornings through lunchtime) | Virtual this year!

The Virginia Lakes and Watersheds Association (VLWA) annual conference addresses lakes and watersheds, engineering and life sciences, facilities, maintenance, public works, consulting, academic research, and administration. We serve a variety of people all working to improve Virginia’s lakes and watersheds. Our conference is one of the largest state conferences in the US focused on water resources.

We typically have attendance of approximately 400 people representing public and private sector stakeholders and consultants. Appropriate topics include practical applications and research in stormwater management, watershed management, floodplain management, hydrology, hydraulics, limnology, water quality, biology/ecology, total maximum daily loads, dam safety, dam and lake maintenance, resiliency, and related water subjects.

More about our virtual conference environment:

VLWA has partnered with Expo Pass to deliver a virtual conference in 2021.  The Expo Pass platform gives attendees the ability to easily view all event happenings in one place. Accessing the platform is easy! Before the event you will receive a Magic Link via email. The Magic Link contains a unique web link that when clicked will instantly authenticate and log you into the event.

Once logged in you can view all of the event information including the entire schedule, with the option to build your own schedule, as well as the ability to jump from session-to-session in real-time. Expo provides a handy Attendee Help Center that will answer any questions you may have, as well as a very informative Event Navigation Video.