From Paper to Digital, DCR SWC's Modernization of Dam Impact Data

Dean Thomas, Dam Rehabilitation Construction Inspector, VA DCR SWC

David P. Wilmoth, PE, CFM, PH, VA ESC/SWM PR, District Dam Modeling & Rehabilitation Engineer, VA DCR SWC

In today’s digital age, Dam Owners and Engineers knowing the location of dam related impacts both upstream and downstream is critical.  Unfortunately, the majority of impact data for DCR SWC’s 104 flood control dams are in paper or limited electronic format portraying impacts as a “screen shot in time.” In an effort to provide current impact inventories for digital use, DCR SWC has begun to modernize the data by integrating these “screen shot in time” impacts into ArcGIS online.  This presentation will explore DCR SWC’s process, showcase the output data capabilities/benefits in ArcGIS online, and evaluate the pros/cons of this modernization though lessons learned.

Author Bio

Dean Thomas has been working in DCR's Soil & Water Conservation Division since April 2023 as a Dam Rehabilitation Construction Inspector. He graduated from The College of Wooster in 2017 with a BA in Geology and went on to work in the construction industry. He spent five years working as a geotechnical technician / geologist. As the Dam Rehab inspector Dean is our eyes and ears on the ground for our construction projects. David Wilmoth is a District Dam Modeling & Rehabilitation Engineer working in DCR's SWC Division for one year. He is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a BS in Civil Engineering. David is a licensed Virginia Professional Engineer, Certified Floodplain Manager, Professional Hydrologist, and Virginia Certified ESC/SWM Plan Reviewer. He has over 20 years of civil engineering experience specializing in engineering design and analysis of earthen dams, dam failure analysis modeling, hydrology and hydraulics, floodplain management., and stormwater management.