Illicit Discharge, Detection and Elimination (IDDE) Process

Michael Donnelly, Engineering Technician II, Stormwater Engineer Assistant, Loudoun County - Department of General Services

Jamie Fultz, EIT, Senior Stormwater Engineer, Loudoun County - Department of General Services

Loudoun County is regulated under the NPDES Phase II MS4 permit, which includes six (6) Minimum Control Measures (MCMs) to control stormwater pollution and manage water quality. The stormwater team at the Department of General Services provides oversight for these MCMs. One of the MCMs is the Illicit Discharge, Detection and Elimination (IDDE) program, which identifies and addresses unauthorized non-stormwater discharges to Loudoun’s MS4.

For the presentation, we will be providing an overview of Loudoun County’s IDDE procedures and highlighting four (4) different types of IDDE cases that involve paint, pool water, grease and sewage. Additionally, we will present our experience issuing fines, what we’ve learned and what we anticipate in the future for IDDE cases.

Author Bio

Michael is a Stormwater Engineer Assistant and has been employed at Loudoun County for 2 years as a member of the Dept. of General Services Stormwater Team. Prior to joining the County, he was employed by Terracon for 2.5 years as an Engineering Technician II, specializing in geotechnical testing and inspections of construction materials, and as an ESC Inspector. He received his Environmental Science degree from University of Maine Farmington.

Jamie is a Senior Stormwater Engineer and has been employed at Loudoun County for 9 years, both as a VSMP Stormwater Plan Reviewer at the Dept. of Building and Development and a member of the Stormwater Team at the Dept. of General Services. Prior to her public service, she was employed by URS Corporation for 8 years and specialized in roadway drainage, site development design, hydraulic fracturing impoundment design, and AutoCAD. She holds her engineering degree from Penn State and is a registered Engineer in Training (EIT).