A Stormwater Facility by Any Other Name Would Still Need I&M: Establishing a SWMF Inspection and Maintenance Program

Routine inspection and maintenance activities are essential for preserving the stability and functionality of Stormwater Management Facilities (SWMFs), sometimes referred to as Best Management Practices (BMPs).  The goal of this presentation is to describe methods used to establish a modern SWMF/BMP Inspection and Maintenance (I&M) Program based on Brown and Caldwell’s firsthand experience. Establishing an I&M Program can be daunting, especially for localities still in the beginning stages of building their asset management systems.

The presentation goal is to cover multiple subjects related to building an effective SWMF I&M program. Specific topics include methods to identify all SWMFs/BMPs for which the owner is responsible to create a spatial database of all records, developing standard operating field procedure for various SWMF types, and considerations for developing electronic field forms that fit management needs as well as annual reporting requirements. The presentation will also touch on data security for online/cloud-based data management.