Abingdon’s Flood Mitigation Plan for Town Creek

Community Flood Mitigation at the local level can be very challenging due to the limited availability of public funds; however, for stormwater issues, the flooding problems our communities face are becoming more and more of a priority concern to local residents.  The Community Flood Prevention Fund and other state and federal funding opportunities in recent years, can help facilitate project needs to reduce and eliminate local flooding problems with an eye towards resiliency.

This presentation of the Flood Mitigation Plan for Town Creek will discuss ways to evaluate flood risks along a 3.3-mile reach of Town Creek in the Town of Abingdon.  It includes a discussion of watershed hydrology, hydraulic modeling of flood mitigation options, floodplain management, and a recommended plan to reduce flooding concerns.   The project also includes DCR grant funding, a FEMA map revision, and a brief discussion of the top priority infrastructure project requirements. HydroCAD and HEC-RAS modeling of the floodplain are involved, and three recommended infrastructure projects are in various stages of completion using ARPA funds and other future flood mitigation strategies to be moving things forward.

The goal of this presentation is to present common-sense approaches to others working on local flooding issues in their communities.