Porous Paver/Pavement Best Management Practices (BMPs): Long-Term Performance Tracking and Analysis

Fairfax County currently utilizes over 110 Public Porous Paver/Pavement Best Management Practices.  As area percentages of impervious surface increase, such BMPs are an increasingly popular stormwater facility type.  The recommended maintenance for these facilities can be costly.  As such, effective management requires a better understanding of maintenance type and intensity.


Working with GKY, Fairfax County staff have conducted Infiltration testing and observational inspections annually for the last 3 years. The data collected provides a broad understanding of the relationship between facility function and routine maintenance. This understanding guides decision making and budget allocations, resulting in increased restorative maintenance and more frequent inspections than typical stormwater BMPs.


Through analysis of the inspection and infiltration test data, Fairfax County staff hope to answer the following questions:

  • How does routine and restorative maintenance affect the BMPs?
  • Do subsidence, functionality, and infiltration have a causal or correlative relationship?
  • Which facility designs perform better long term?
  • What maintenance experience is relevant for improved site design?

This presentation will highlight the County’s efforts to date and discuss future management tools aimed at improving site design as well as the options available for effective and efficient long-term operation and maintenance of these facilities.