Revitalizing an EPA Brownfield, Part II: Habitat Rehabilitation and Stream Restoration

More than 450,000 brownfields have been identified by the EPA in the U.S. for redevelopment and reuse, one of which is the South River within the City of Waynesboro. Previously owned by Dupont, the river and surrounding areas have been impacted by industrial practices and presence of hazardous substances, pollutants and contaminants. In conjunction with the City of Waynesboro and Anhold Associates Landscape Architecture and Planning, Timmons Group has developed plans to rehabilitate the South River Preserve for recreation, habitat, and ecological uplift.

The South River streambed and banks contain pollutants, causing various issues within the ecosystem. Given the state of the river and Brownfield requirements, many options were considered for implementation to improve water quality, wildlife habitat and create an area for the community to safely interact with the environment.

In addition, Rockfish Run was identified as a stream restoration opportunity for the City of Waynesboro. Rockfish Run has degraded due to watershed development and outfalls directly to the South River. The stream has steep banks, exposed utilities, and lost recreational value within the City owned park. The restoration will create ecological uplift and habitat for local wildlife, as well as improve utility conditions and provide educational opportunities.