The Value of Having the Design Engineer Involved During Construction

The value of committing appropriate resources to the design aspect of a project is well accepted as good practice.  It is no secret that a project will never be a great project without a strong design.  Engineering design requires knowledge, experience, and attention to the details of the project.  However, developing a great design and navigating the project thru permitting and review is only half of the work.  The other half of the work is the successful construction of the completed design.  While design and construction are two entirely different processes, they rely entirely on each other for a fully successful project.   While it is prudent to be cost-effective with a project, particularly in a challenging economic environment, often times project owners are making hard decisions about where to save resources.  Engineering oversight during construction is sometimes an aspect of construction that finds itself as the lower hanging fruit on the tree to be cut.  However, value of having your design engineer involved and oversighting construction can never be overstated.  While it may be easy to suggest that anybody with engineering/construction background can oversee a project, it is invaluable to have the design engineer involved entirely throughout design.  This presentation will take a look at construction examples that highlight the value of the design engineer during construction.