“Weir” Here to Fix Your Flooding!

The Lake Bradford / Chubb Lake Drainage Improvement Plan is a multi-phase engineering project to alleviate widespread flooding due to moderate rain events and during periods of high tides in the Chesapeake Bay. The Little Creek Basin, located in the City of Virginia Beach, Virginia, consists of both residential and commercial areas, along with the Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek – Fort Story (JEB LCFS).

Neighborhoods and businesses throughout the drainage basin experience significant flooding, along with several vital roadways, including Northampton Blvd., Shore Dr., and Pleasure House Rd. These roadways are crucial pathways for people who live and work in this area, as well as for military staff commuting to and from JEB LCFS.

Conveyance systems throughout the basin interconnect five major lakes and ponds located within the program area.  These interconnected systems discharge to Lake Bradford. The water level of Lake Bradford is controlled by a weir gate, located in a channel leaving JEB LCFS. This location is the official outfall for the program area.

Due to the connectivity of the stormwater conveyance system, improvements must be strategically implemented throughout the program area to ensure proposed improvements will not cause additional flooding downstream. Various potential solution types have been evaluated using a comprehensive model to mitigate flooding and to analyze the impacts of sea level rise. Improvements include the addition of stormwater pumping stations, tide gates, culverts, stormwater management, channel improvements, and additional storm drains.

This presentation will discuss the project background, reasons for flooding, and potential solutions for flood mitigation throughout the program area.