What is “Positive Grade” – Draining Neighborhood Streets in Hampton Roads

Timmons Group is providing drainage and street improvement services to reduce water impacts and minimize safety concerns for several neighborhoods in northern Norfolk, VA. With resident flooding and water ponding complaints after recent construction in the area and no formal drainage infrastructure, something had to be improved to get the water away safely and quickly. Long travel paths and limited to no elevation change dramatically limited available improvement options. Throw on top of that large trees in narrow grass buffers and the usual solutions and grading standards must be tweaked. And on another nearby flat street, runoff from high intensity storms was flowing into private property! What could be done?

This presentation will examine the challenges of modifying several existing roadways with poor grading and mature trees as well as looking at the effort to protect residencies in areas without formal stormwater infrastructure. Three completed projects in close proximately to each other will be used as a basis for discussing solutions for flat sites with tight site and utility constraints.