Working with Dam Owners to Implement Virginia’s Special Criteria Reduction for High Hazard Dams

In December of 2010, the Virginia DCR Dam Safety Regulations were amended adding section 4VAC50-20-53 allowing High Hazard Dams to reduce their required Spillway Design Flood (SDF) storm event from the 0.9 PMP to the 0.6 PMP by adhering to multiple additional special criteria.  Since 2010, Hurt & Proffitt, Inc. has assisted Virginia Dam Owners in successfully implementing Section 4VAC50-20-53 through DCR Dam Safety approval.

This presentation will explore the details of Section 4VAC50-20-53 Special Criteria for Reduced SDF Requirement for Certain High Hazard Dams and provide conference attendees with knowledge on the steps Hurt & Proffitt utilized to obtain DCR approval.  This presentation will also discuss the differences between the Regulations and Law sections of the reduced SDF option, challenges for the Dam Owner’s, and lessons learned.